Today on this blog, I am going to introduce you with the beautiful and glorious place in Borivalli with full of heart warming views of mother nature on the go. You can visit this places with family or friends and have the good ones and vibes of the nature.


◉ You can travel though the nearest railway station at your place and rich Borivalli station as train travelling would be the best . After getting on the Borivalli station you have to go to the east side .

After a 10 min walk though the station u can reach Sanjay Gandhi National park.


The Entry charges for per person above 12 years is upto 85/- , and for children’s below 12 yrs charges are upto 45/-

There are also places for parking your car or motorcycle inside the park which involves charges

You can have a 2 hours cycle ride for 80/- per person . Either you can have a bus ride which takes about 10 rs to reach ‘Kanheri caves

There are washroom facilities and water facilities on every 10 mins far.


➜ Kanheri Caves is 4km away from the entrance.

➜ There are also many villages inside the areas of Sanjay Gandhi National park.


⁠☞ . The kanheri caves here are about 1- 5th century times.

⁠☞ Kanheri caves name was given by the book “Krishna giri” the meaning in sanskrit literature means black mountain .

⁠☞ Rock cut caves & monuments with beautiful waterfalls flowing around & has 109 caves built in 1st century. Its upto 2000 years older .

⁠☞ Buddhist sculptures, carvings , painting & inscription with great ideologies dating back to 1st century.

⁠☞ In ancient times Kanheri caves were meant to be known as kanheri University , Many monks and students get to come here as to meditate and grow there thoughts by studying the sanskrit literature.

⁠☞ It was also a major trading route to travel from one destination to another. There are almost 109 caves located at the places with 30 incomplete paintings and information .

⁠☞ Sanjay Gandhi National park is also known as ” lungs of Mumbai ” .

That was all the Information and facts about KANHERI CAVES located in Sanjay Gandhi National park. Do visit this place in monsoon season to see how beautiful it is to experience our ancestors life and learnings .

It is worth visiting in monsoon season as there are also waterfalls to face fun with .